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I am honored to welcome you to our Experience Travel community. Experience Travel’s Virtuoso advisors are here for you to design and guide your personalized travel experiences based on your unique intentions and style.

Our team provides travel and destination expertise and personal service for each step of the custom planning process and journey, supported by our network of trusted suppliers.


Niki's Journey to Experience Travel

Experience Travel is the beautiful realization of my own journey and growth through travel.

I began at age 14 and participated each year in my high school's Perspectives program, where I was able to connect and stay with locals throughout England, Germany, Ireland, France, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

I continued this with studying Economics and working in England, completing my MBA in Germany, and studying intensive Spanish in Mexico, with much exploration of Europe and Mexico along the way.

This led to a career in multiple facets of the travel and hospitality industry from facilitating travel to the U.S., creating and growing the first Online Travel Agency with Travelocity, to negotiating and partnering with travel suppliers world-wide with Travelport and Expedia.

With my own family, it was time to get back to what inspired me about travel, helping others to explore and discover the many wonders in the world. Experience Travel was born in 2014 and now we have the great opportunity to help guide your travel experience and help you to truly connect with the destination and learn about it's people and cultures.

i invite you to join us as we create your next lifetime experience!

Niki Peters

I'm Niki, your Experience Guide. I discovered my love for travel on my first study trip abroad, leading to studying/working in the U.K, Germany, France, & Mexico, and a 25+ year career in travel distribution and services.

Founding Experience Travel 6 years ago, I've found my calling - guiding how your family can be transformed by new cultures, natural & historic wonders, active & culinary discoveries, and become true global citizens. I look forward to helping make your dream travel experiences come true.

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